Seraph Films is a collective of independent filmmakers that work together to produce new short films that premiere the last Friday of most months. These non-genre specific films are part of our effort to create unconstrained, compelling, and often challenging films - letting our creative ideas run wild - and then sharing them with the public.

Our hope is that, by working together with the goal of working on our processes, concentrating on the quality of our work, we can help one another to become better at all of the elements involved in the creation of our films.

We also work on commercial projects together, bringing in the team members with the most experience and the skills needed for each one. Because we are a large group, we are often able to accommodate projects that other teams might not be able to handle - short timeframe, difficult production, or other logistics issues. We enjoy challenges and the opportunity to prove that we can deliver exceptional results on minimal budgets.


Gene Blalock
Director, Producer, Writer

Phil Goldberg
Legal Counsel

James Tumminia
Producer, Casting Director

Tanya Gorlow

Nick Somers

MeeRa Biggs

Andria Chamberlain
Director of Photography

Mike Kofsky

Jessie West
Script Supervisor

Chelsey Hemstreet
Costume Designer

Russ Stepan
Production Designer

Cindy Cullom
Art Director

Tessa Philbrick
Makeup Artist

Becca Yanez

Maxim Havlicek
Graphic Designer

Karel Havlicek

DeMarco Hernandez
Still Photographer

Adam James
Still Photographer

Michael Henderson
BTS Editor

Amber Henley
Location Consultant
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