Seraph Films was founded by Director Gene Blalock who strives to make unique films and media while pursuing his love of story-telling and film-making creativity.

Seraph Films is more than a production company. Seraph is a gathering of like-minded artists, entrepreneurs and financiers who believe that investing in talent, particularly in pursuit of shared passion projects, is a viable and winning strategy.

Our team members work together to create thoughtful, intelligent, and unique entertainment. Filmmakers come first, and story and character are always our top priority. We have developed relationships with talented actors, including members of SAG, and crew to create unique and interesting films.

Seraph Films is an independent film company in the truest sense given that the Company secures its financial resources independently, enabling it to focus on and produce economical, cost-effective content, while offering filmmakers and creative talent a streamlined, non-bureaucratic environment in which to work.

As a production company, we are building a film studio infrastructure within a privately held, self-financed company. This allows Seraph Films to be a place where creativity comes first and innovation is the norm. At Seraph, we take pride in building a prototype that elevates our own atheistic standards to allow us to grow as an artistic group.

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